Why Hello There,

We are Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Erin

Chiropractors, Certified MFT Practitioners, Intuitive Energetic Healers, and Lightworkers who seek to find the truth.

We blend our background in the healing arts of Chiropractic with the energy of the energetic field.  We practice and teach through the powerful philosophy that the body has all the answers as long as you ask it the right questions. 


We live in a time where opportunities for self awareness, self love, self development, and spiritual growth are endless!

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Here’s the deal:

We are a unique and innovative holistic practice positively impacting the lives and health of all our clients; both in-office and virtually. We have online e-courses and offer coaching calls to help you live your best life, regardless of where you call home.

In our office, we offer therapeutic encounters to bring your soul back to health and wellness. The words we speak have a vibrational frequency; this is why we chose the term therapeutic encounters.  Each of our therapeutic encounters are all-encompassing, focusing not only on your physical body, but also your energetic body. Your initial visit is completely tailored to you and your given needs on that day. We incorporate a variety of techniques, therefore each visit may look different. 

We are experts in holistic health and wellness & each bring our own magic to the clients we serve.  


healthy soul and high vibes

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We want to be that ray of hope for everyone walking through the doors into our healing space.  We want to shine so bright that it ignites a flame in others, so that they too can start shining their light for the world to see.