14 Days of Love

who can you share “I love you” with today?

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We’ve made spreading love extra easy this month with 14 SIMPLE ways you can share (and receive!) love daily. Watch the ripple effects that happen when you focus on love every single day.

we promise: magic will happen.

so go out there and create more love in 2019!

Twin Life Chiropractic 14 days of love

Ready to enjoy 14 days of love with us? Focus on each of the following 14 love actions each day for 2 weeks. Then, watch (and feel!) your love grow.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

2. Get in touch with your emotions -- your raw emotions make you appreciate yourself for being you in all your authenticity 

3. Cook a Meal with extra love 

4. Be in nature -- Yes I know it's winter here in Minneapolis, but take time to go out in nature.  Bundle up and go for a walk, ski, snowshoe, play outside with your kids, go to Como Park Zoo and enjoy the flower exhibit, etc 

5. Let things in the past go -- let go of the past wounds and traumas that you are holding onto.  The weight will be lifted off of your shoulders. 

6. Call up a friend and go to your favorite coffee shop for a cup of coffee or tea, visit your favorite restaurant and grab lunch, choose a movie to go see 

7.  Sit by the fire and read & pick up a book to read 

8. Love yourself enough to let go of toxic relationships -- you don't deserve or need people in your life that make you feel like you aren't amazing 

9.  Love yourself enough to let go of the negative self talk.  

10. Find a healer to go see

11.  Be okay saying No -- if it isn't a Hell Yes, then it's gonna be a No.  Be okay with your boundaries 

12. Have fun! 

13.  Write down what you are grateful for

14. Go after your passion!  You deserve to live your best life.  If something has been trying to get your attention, go for it.  Take the leap!  It will be worth it.  


Drs. Erin & Elizabeth

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