Life as Twins: Birthday Celebration!


It’s an extra special day at TLC as Drs. Elizabeth & Erin are celebrating 30 years Earthside together!  The question of what’s it like being a twin is usually the first question everyone asks us, so we have decided to write a blog about what being a twin is like for us.   


The #twinlife first and foremost means that you are born with a lifelong partner.  You share the deepest connection with your “wombmate” and you learn at an early age what unconditional love is 💕✨.  You not only have unconditional love for yourself, but also for another human being.  That unconditional love guides you in all aspect of your life.  Deep down you know how to heal and you know what to do.  The question becomes can you hear what that voice is telling you to do?  

As a twin, you don’t want to compare yourself to your other half because in reality comparison is a LOW vibrational frequency 🙅🏼‍♀️ and we get icky feelings when we compare ourselves to each other.  It’s just not who we are in nature, but a lot of people compare you to your other half because that’s just what they do.  We would say that we broke the system right away on the comparison game because it didn’t matter what other people said about us we knew we were two individuals, #twindividuals, even if others couldn’t see us as individuals.   

By being born a twin you share these experiences that others may not understand but it doesn’t matter because your other half always understands.  You grow up knowing that everything is connected and this leads you to have a different sense of awareness early on in life.

We were lucky enough to choose the same profession which has caused us to live the same type of lifestyle.  We know that we are never alone in our healing journeys and we always have each others backs.   We listen to our bodies and we have a deep appreciation for all things that bring us back to nature along with all the things that help you heal naturally.  

One of the best thing about being a twin is learning the NO JUDGEMENT rule.  As humans, this is one thing we need to constantly be working on {less judgement} which is why being a twin is AWESOME.  We never have to worry if the other one is judging us because with unconditional love there is no space for judgement only LOVE.   

This has been huge in our practice because by being holistic healers we like to steer people in the right direction and we always ENCOURAGE them to DO THE RIGHT THING, but humans are humans and that does not always happen.  In those slip up situations we pour out LOVE rather than judgement because love is what they need to heal not judgement.

Ultimately, by being a twin, you know that you are never alone, you learn how to love yourself and others unconditionally, and you trust what is meant to be will be. 

We hope that when your birthday comes around that you take time to reflect on all the things that happened over the past year.  Thank yourself and the universe for all the joys and lessons that you learned.  Wishing everyone a year filled with love, light, healing, and happiness.  We can’t wait for everything that this year has to offer for us! 


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 

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