Collagen—Trendy 🤷🏼‍♀️ or Needed 🙋🏼?

We’ve included affiliate links for two different types of collagen that we love from Dr. Axe. As always, we only include products we absolutely love and highly recommend.

We were just in Denver for MFT Unplugged and we learned so much information!  We brought home new test kits for fermented foods and COLLAGEN along with updated vials.  As soon as we heard Dr. Frank say there was a Beta Test Kit for Dr. Axe our hands immediately went up to be tested🙋🏼!  Dr. Frank joked and said he probably couldn’t find anything wrong with us as our fields were about 7-8 feet all around, but we hadn’t been introduced to the fermented foods yet so we knew we would want something. 

Dr. Elizabeth was the first to be tested and it showed for a power combo of genetic disruptor energy plus epigenetic disruptor energy {which means the genes we were born with {genetic} and what the world has done to those genes {epigenetic} wanted to talk}.  Dr. Elizabeth tested for Fermented Elderberry along with COLLAGEN!  Out of curiosity Dr. Erin got tested since identical twins share DNA and she tested for the same power combo problem energy #twindividuals.  She tested for Fermented Oregano and COLLAGEN!  Her dosage of collagen was double what Dr. Elizabeth’s was {maybe Dr. Elizabeth took all the collagen in the womb🤷🏼‍♀️}.  Even though we are both super healthy today, we both found out that we needed collagen to keep these power combo energies shut off.  We have gone in spurts of using collagen here and there for the past two years, but we’ve never made it a priority to make sure we were getting it in our diets daily.    


As the seminar went on, we learned all the reasons why our bodies need collagen and why we aren’t getting this in our day to day diet!   Collagen is needed to maintain a healthy thriving body— it supports the heart, heart valves, the discs in the spine {aka intervertebral discs}, bones, arteries, veins, skin, hair, nails, the lymphatic system, and more things that we personally haven’t learned about yet.   We learned that not all collagen is equal.   Dr. Axe has collagen that comes in both capsules and powdered form and we learned the difference between these and when we would suspect a patient to need capsules vs powder.  This was great information to learn.  However, we live in the energy world and this means we always test the energies and ask the body which one it prefers.  Whatever the body prefers is what the person gets—we always let INNATE decide what it wants and what it doesn’t want.  We both tested for the capsules over the powder and we’ve already noticed differences within the week of being on it!      

So for those that add collagen in because it’s TRENDY—keep it up!  For those that have yet to add collagen into your diet you can either make your own bone broth and sip on it or you can supplement with collagen.  Our vote is in and collagen may be trendy right now, but it’s absolutely necessary to thrive in today’s society.  

In Health, 

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 💗