Dear Younger Self 

If I could write a letter to my younger self it would look something like this...

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Dear Younger Self, 


This world can be a harsh world, but that does not mean there are not good people in it—there are plenty of good people you just have to find them!  I would tell my younger self to watch who you spend your time with because people either drain you or lift you up.  You want to be around people that support you in your entirety.  You do NOT need to be a people pleaser and it does not matter what others think of you.  It may seem hard at first, but trust me—looking back, I wish I didn’t waste my time or energy worrying about what others thought of me.  

If you look at how others view you as a reflection of what’s going on deep within themselves you will find that you do not get offended because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you and EVERYTHING to do with them.   We are called to LOVE others and be KIND no matter what.   It’s not always the easiest thing to do but its the most rewarding thing.   It will take practice and you will fail, you are human after all.   


Do everything for yourself and for no other reason.  You will want to do things to impress other people, but it does not matter.   Only do the things that excite your SOUL and help you grow as a person.     

Your body is a temple and what you put into it matters.  All the exercise in the world cannot beat a clean healthy diet.   You will have others tell you differently, but know that I’ve been there and done that.  It didn’t work and it actually hurt me.  Nourish your cells with ORGANIC WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION.  Ditch the chemicals and processed foods, you’ll thank me later.   Study nutrition, health and well being at a young age.  You knew the importance of getting adjusted, but that was one aspect of health.  Learn the mind and spirit connection as well.  

Sometimes the people we love the most hurt us the most.  They aren’t trying to, but it will happen.  Learn to forgive them and forgive them fast because resentment and anger can wreck havoc on your life.   

Feel all your emotions:  sit with them, validate them, and release them.  Emotions are powerful and if you only knew how powerful they were you’d recognize them, validate them, and let them go.  

Feelings in this life are temporary.  You will experience joy, but it does not last and you will experience pain, but that too won’t last.  Some feelings may last longer than others, but if you do not attach yourself to them they do not have power over you.   When you make attachments to things is when they have power and control over you.  

Recognize that what is meant for you will find its way to you. 

Learn to go with things that flow in your life instead of being forced.   

The universe is always supporting you.  

Be happy with your life and make sure you choose your life and not someone else’s life.   When you are truly happy with your life you know that nobody else has power or control over you. Life is too short to be anything but happy.   

Learn how to love yourself and do not be afraid of saying no for the sake of your sanity.  You may not know why you should work on loving yourself at a young age, but your future self will thank you.   

You spend your entire life with yourself, so you might as well work on yourself and learn to love yourself before you try to love someone else.  Your future relationships will thank you.  

Be careful of who you choose to let into your life, but when you find those who you know you have a soul connection with do not be afraid to love fully.  

Lastly, love others with your whole heart.    

Love your future self 💕