Dear Future Self

I LOVE ME YESTERDAY.I LOVE me today. i love me tomorrow.

Manifestation to the max

We wrote a letter to our younger selves, so we thought we’d share with you what we’d write to our future selves. 

Dear Future Selves, 

You have come so far in learning how to love yourself.   You made this a daily practice while you were young.  You have shown others how to truly love themselves and release their self doubt.  You created an online presence through your courses and you truly helped heal this world.


Remember all those times you spent questioning what the future would look like, we hope that this is far better than anything you ever imagined.  You both have impacted the world for the better and the children you raise will continue to make this world a better place. 

Remember all those times you both spent trying to figure out the unsolved mysteries of life — you needed time for you to see everything unfold.  We hope that after the unsolved mysteries of one of the pregnancy journeys you learned to let go of all of your control and surrendered every part of yourself.  You both grew up having to be in control, and you’ve slowly been shown how to give it up.  It isn’t an easy thing to unlearn, but you’ve come so far.  Be proud of yourself!  How does it feel to be in complete surrender?  Your lives are so much more magical when you are in complete flow 24/7.  You both had experiences of how your lives flowed and then your stubbornness would surface where you would want to be in control again.  How does it feel to not need to be in control of anything?  

You helped empower and inspire others to live a more conscious life where they take complete responsibility for their lives.  You learned that everything is a frequency and at some level all of the experiences you call into your life are based on your frequency.  You showed people that dealing with your emotions is how you REALLY heal.  The ways in which you helped people take accountability for their emotions is inspiring in a time where emotions weren’t really talked about.  You wondered how it took everyone so long to realize that the key to wellness is through emotional healing and that involves the programming you grew up with and the generational programming you were given in this lifetime.  You helped transcend consciousness with your children, who will continue your legacy on.  You always knew that the body knew all the answers if the right questions were asked.  You never doubted your intuition and used it to change this world for the better.  Thank you for living a powerful life.  

We love you, 


Your future selves

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