The Energetic Body

YOUR ENERGY introduces you before you even speak.

In our office we deal a lot with the energetic body. 

Your energetic body is reading and responding to your environment.  

Drs. Erin and Elizabeth after a meditation with Vanessa Feils.

Drs. Erin and Elizabeth after a meditation with Vanessa Feils.

Some people have never heard of the energetic body, others may have heard about it but don’t understand it. Everyone accepts gravity and oxygen even though nobody can see these two things.  Everyone also accepts that the compass always points North and that’s because of ENERGY FIELDS.  You can’t see these energy fields but they EXIST! 

So in our office, we deal with your ENERGY FIELD.  We measure your energy field which is an extension of the nervous system (the premise of CHIROPRACTIC) and we find out what is going on at a cellular level.  We deal with energy in our office because if we can read the energy we can identify the matter. We use the physics equation by Albert Einstein of E=MC2 (energy = mass X the speed of light, which is a constant) so if you can change the energy you can change the mass. 

The ultimate healing takes place in the body when you read the energy at a cellular level instead of treating the matter.  We need to be able to acknowledge what builds up your energy fields and what breaks it down.

Dr. Erin, Vanessa, and Dr. Elizabeth after a meditation event.

Dr. Erin, Vanessa, and Dr. Elizabeth after a meditation event.


We can change matter by reading the energy!  When we read your energy, we can identify matter.  You can’t hide anything within your energy field. So whatever went “wrong” with your matter happened to your energy first. When we are working on healing you, we heal the energy first and then we know the matter will follow…your physical symptoms will heal after the energetic symptoms are healed.  This type of healing happens over time; matter moves slower than energy by the speed of light squared.  

Interested in learning more about how we work with energy fields and heal?

We are hosting an event with Vanessa Feils, Bigger Balanced Field, on Thursday Jan 31st, 2019 at the A-Mill lofts. 

You will experience your field size and identify what chakra system is out of balance before Vanessa leads you in a guided meditation, where she will work on the chakra system that was identified as being out of balance. After the meditation, we will then re-measure your field size to see how meditating helped to balance out and expand your field size.  In addition to this, we will see if you need anything to support your chakra system so energy flows freely up and down, like using essential oils, crystals, affirmations, and/or flower remedies. We will have our favorite essential oils for purchase if you are interested!

Looking forward to seeing you at the event! 

Love & Light, Drs. Elizabeth & Erin (and Vanessa, too!)

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