Happy Spring Equinox

We love the spring equinox because we are warm weather fans💐🌼!  We love knowing that spring promises more daylight, more Vitamin D🌞, and the cold days are dwindling down!  Spring is also a time when many people start to focus more on what they put into their mouth in preparation for summer time.  With that being said, we are going to dive into our journey with food and where we are at today.  

What does eating healthy mean to you?  For some people that means getting some fruits 🍓 and vegetables 🥒 into their diet because they are coming from a place where they never really ate fruits and vegetables.  For others that means FINALLY getting rid of the INFLAMMATORY foods such as wheat {gluten} and dairy.   Wherever you are on your eating healthy journey we want you to know that what you put into your mouth matters and it is the BIGGEST thing you can control.   

Five years ago we both found out that we had Hashimoto’s and diet is huge in this "diagnosis".   Now, we don’t live in the diagnosis world [we view symptoms as bad energy], but at the time it helped us figure out what was going on with our bodies and gave us the steps to take in order to live a healthier life.   

We first started off by going gluten free and dairy free because these foods are highly inflammatory!   An important tid-bit on gluten is that it mimics the thyroid {molecular mimicry} so it was an ABSOLUTE MUST food item that we had to eliminate if we wanted to regain our health.  We were gluten free and dairy free for about a year before we realized that we really needed to switch to an organic diet as well.  At that point in time, we continued to be gluten free and dairy free while also focusing on buying organic fruits and vegetables along with being conscious of the types of meat we were buying.  That part of our journey started over four years ago. 

Going gluten free and dairy free while taking some key supplements was huge for us in the fact that it cut down systemic {whole body} inflammation and gave our bodies a break from “attacking” itself.   The supplements we were taking at the time “put out the fire” while we adapted a new way of eating.   Changing our diet was huge, but it was NOT enough.  You see, once you stop putting toxins into your body you have to have a way to get them out.  Fast forward ⏩ two years later and we are on the verge of opening our own office, yet we were still finding the need to take a two hour nap mid-day to make it through the day.   How can you run your own practice when you need a nap everyday?!

 We then found homeopathy and that was a game changer!!  We started taking different homeopathic remedies, but didn’t have a specific protocol.  Six months later, we found Morphogenic Field Technique {MFT} and this technique changed our lives drastically.   

We learned the homeopathic version of the technique first and we fell in love with it because of the amazing results that we personally experienced.   Even though we both had been gluten free, dairy free, and organic for over three years our health was still STRUGGLING.  While we were taking our first MFT course, neither one of us had an energy field and that was evident based on how we felt.   We both got on a homeopathic protocol and within weeks we started to notice shifts and changes in our health 🙏🏼.  

You see, homeopathy opens up pathways and helps get toxins out.   Ideally, we would love if we did not have to supplement with homeopathic remedies, whole food nutrition, or herbs but our world simply does not allow this.  This is because we have omnipresent toxins lurking in our environment every turn we take and very few of us cook with herbs and spices.   Furthermore, our soil is depleted of keys nutrients.   Even as two people who ONLY eat organic at home and 95% of the time when we go out to eat we are still missing foundational needs from the 25 years that we were not eating healthy with organic foods, sustainably raised meat, and wild caught fish.  

Each of us are still on our own health journey and we are so thankful that we found Morphogenic Field Technique when we did.  Here's to helping others along their journey as well! 

In Health, 

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin  💗

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