Healing Is A Dance Between The Body And The Soul

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All About Healing Body + Soul

Morphogenic Field Technique relies on the information from the energy field to guide us in developing your specific nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic protocol.  MFT focuses on cellular energies because cellular communication is the ultimate goal.  When we address the exact needs at the cellular level, we affect the greatest change in health.  When we are able to build healthy cells we then build healthy tissues which leads to healthy organs and healthy organs result in a healthy organism—YOU.  

In our office we expand and balance the energy field, which is an extension of your nervous system.  We do not treat symptoms, we treat the energy associated with the symptoms.  We see if you have what you need to make new healthy cells.  Are you making them in a good clean matrix or at the city dump?

While most people feel some improvement right away, we want to remind you that each person is on their own healing journey and this journey is an on going process.  Our lifestyle choices have the ability to support or impede our healing process.  We are here to encourage you on your journey, share information, and provide you with resources to make the necessary changes to better your health.  We want you to know that at the end of the day, you are the one in charge of your health and where your journey takes you.  

Your nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic protocol will need to be monitored while you are on your healing journey.  This is because other issues may surface and the best way to uncover those surfacing issues is to monitor your protocol.  We like to tell people that it is similar to peeling the layers of an onion away.

Our bodies were not designed to handle all issues at once and this is why monitoring is important.  With that said, here is what to expect.  After your initial appointment, you will typically be seen one time per week for 4-6 weeks.  After this, your appointments will be every other week as we move to pushing your appointments further apart.  We want you to remember that regenerating health takes time and each persons road back to health looks different.  

We encourage you to:

  • drink plenty of water

  • incorporate movement into your day

  • soak up some sunlight

  • get a good nights rest to help your body eliminate toxins properly

Some people may experience detox symptoms during this process, while most people do not.  Some examples of detox symptoms are increased bowel movements, rashes on the skin, increased fatigue, or headaches.  If any of these symptoms occur, we want you to let us know so that we can modify your protocol to get you feeling better. 


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 

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