Healing Is An Inside Job


As Chiropractors, we believe that the power that made the body heals the body 🙌🏼.  We call this life force within us innate intelligence.  It is because of this innate intelligence that runs through our nervous system that leads us to believe that healing really is an inside job. 

Healing is an Inside Job

We personally believe that you can be your own healer 💁🏼.  You just need to get back in touch with who you are at a soul level.  This requires you to dive in deep and really feel — connect with your intuition, sit in the silence and take in the beauty of life around you, and connect to your higher self and let her remind you of who you were meant to be.  All of the answers are inside of you — your soul knows this, it always has, and always will.

This is a process to learn, but trust us — IT IS WORTH IT — your higher self knows this.  You need to know that becoming your own healer starts with awareness.  We’ve said this many times and will probably say it many more — awareness is the key.  Awareness allows us to acknowledge that something is occurring and then we are able to create change.  Once you become aware that healing is an inside job you take back your power that you may not have known you gave up. Your body has been reminding you through pain, discomfort, symptoms, and signals that you’ve lost track of your own inner knowing.  This inner knowing is what we call your intuition.  We want you to start listening, by creating awareness around this topic, to what your body is telling you.  Really start to feel and connect to that deep sense of knowing.

Day in and day out you are presented with experiences that allow you to connect into your own healing abilities.

Be brave and start to do the inner work that your soul has been calling you to do!  

Love & Light, 

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin