Healthy During Winter Months: How Twin Life Manages The North


Health is our greatest wealth.

Winter in Minnesota is no joke. 

It seems as if winter started early this year with the first snowfall in October while we were out of town. November hit and there was no turning back. This season can be hard on some bodies and illness spreads quickly in the community.

But for us, we rarely get sick and that’s because we take care of our bodies ALL year round!  365 days a year, we do a few key things that keep us in our best health:

  1. Get adjusted regularly

  2. Eat organic fruits and vegetables

  3. Get good quality sleep

  4. Watch our thoughts

  5. And stay on a Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) protocol year round.

We don’t take a break because it’s summer and warm nor do we take a break when we have more things going on during a specific season of life.  

We know that a lot of other people are sick during the winter, so we’ll boost our immune system when we feel necessary:

  1. We like to drink bone broth in the winter (warms you up too)! 

  2. We take elderberry syrup when necessary. Our favorite Elderberry Syrup is Seattle Elderberry Syrup. Dr. Erin stumbled upon a post that recommended it and we love that they offer Organic Maple Syrup over Organic Honey! 

  3. We rub essential oils diluted in coconut oil on our feet before we go to sleep (Ancient Fortress or Breathe Easy are our favorites).

  4. We diffuse eucalyptus for respiratory benefits and ylang ylang for healthy circulatory system and a mood boost.

  5. We will drink extra organic green juice (celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger) if our stomachs are not feeling the best. 

  6. We take our individualized protocols and check to see if we need to add in the homeopathic remedy called Flu Tone, a general immune booster.

  7.   We also check if we need to take our favorite Vitamin D supplement, D3K2, as we live in Minnesota and the amount of sun we can absorb in the winter time is limited.  

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice that we have consciously made daily for the last 5 years

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite ways to boost our immune system if we are feeling a little run down this season. We’ve included some links to the left of our favorite oils for this time of year. If you can’t make it into the office for a visit and to stock up, feel free to use the affiliate links here. Please know we receive payment for including these links and we always post the things we personally LOVE and use ourselves.

So tell us, what are some of your favorite ways to stay healthy during winter?  We would love to know!  

Love & Light, 

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin