Hello 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is over and that we are a little over a week into 2018.   Where does time go ⌛️— but seriously where does it go??  We don’t set resolutions for ourselves, but instead we set intentions.  This is the year of expanding our wings and getting outside of our comfort zone.  Side note—it’s harder than people imagine especially when you were born with someone that has the same DNA as you 👯.  Our comfort zone feels so safe and venturing outside it seems scary at times, but we are willing to embrace going outside of our comfort zone in order to get to the area where the MAGIC HAPPENS!  Raise your hand if you are with us 🙋🏼


We also declared this year to be the year of ease and abundance.  Ease and abundance means different things to both of us.   When we are stressing out, a situation isn’t going the way we thought it was going to, or when life is happening this is our MANTRA to ourselves which brings us back to the vibrational frequency that we desire because it feels good to be in a place of vibrational alignment 🙌🏼.  

We are so excited for all the adventures that 2018 is about to bring us and we can’t wait to share our year with you!  Here’s to the most magical year yet! 🔮✨💫

Love & Light,

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 💕 

We’ve included affiliate links for two books that we highly recommend reading to kick off your New Year in an uplifting way!