Falling for Fall — 🍁🍂🎃

Hello October — Hello Fall 🍁🍂 🎃

When October arrives we know that summer is officially over.  Dr. Elizabeth loves summer through and through, but she also recognizes the importance of each season.  She used to dread Fall because it meant winter was right around the corner in the Minnesota — funny how our perspectives changes as we are ever evolving and changing.  She now recognizes the importance of Fall and has come to love the season even though the warm summer days are no longer here.  She loves how the leaves serve as a reminder to let go of what no longer serves you.  

October is a month where we both reflect on anything that we are still holding onto from the summer and dive deep into why we are still clinging to it.  It’s a month of self reflection and self love as we get ready for sweater weather and the colder nights.  As the weather becomes chiller we either reach for Rishi’s hot turmeric ginger tea or for a warm lemon water in the morning to cleanse our liver after a restful night of sleep.  We take our beloved Burrberry on morning walks before work to breathe in the cool crisp morning air.  We get back to going to the sauna regularly, so that we can sweat our way to health.  We sage our apartments more often as we are inside more than we were in the summer.  We keep our immune systems healthy with our favorite holistic remedies this time of year — Flu tone, Elderberry Syrup, Ancient Fortress Essential Oil, and mushroom blends.  We get back into reading more as the nights are getting shorter.   Our current reads include:   Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness and Open Wide.

Last but not least, we cannot forget to mention how Fall is really known as Pumpkin Spice Season!  We have always been fans of pumpkin ever since we were little.  We would go to the pumpkin patch and pick out our pumpkin along with getting a pumpkin snack.  We both loved to carve pumpkins and bake the pumpkin seeds to eat.   Now a days, we don’t carve pumpkins but rather cook and bake with them in every way possible.  We both love making paleo pumpkin pancakes or paleo pumpkin muffins on the weekends.  Dr. Erin especially loves her mother-in-laws gluten free dairy free pumpkin pie recipe whereas Dr. Elizabeth loves Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Lattes from Whole Foods.   With the slight sugar increase in our diets this time of year we both make sure to either eat extra foods that are high in zinc or take a high quality nutritional supplement because we do not store zinc and sugar depletes your zinc levels.  Our favorite food high in zinc are oysters!

Love & Light, 

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 

We’ve included an affiliate link for one of our favorite teas to drink in the fall. As always, we only include items we absolutely love and highly recommend.