Crystals, Stones, & Oils for Love 

ALWAYS value your self love rituals.   

With our theme for 2019 being LOVE, we thought we would dive into different crystals, stone, and oils that you can use to cultivate love in ANY area of your life—don’t forget to include yourself on that list!  

We are constantly reminded that the month of February is all about love thanks to all of the marketing tactics and campaigns that take place, but we want to remind you that self love is equally important!  After all, you are the ONE person that spends that most time with yourself. Remember that green is the color of love — self love that is! Bring more green into your environment and turn up the self love.

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This is your reminder that you should speak kindly to yourself.

Our favorites for cultivating more LOVE:


One way that we love to cultivate self love is through crystals.  We usually hear a lot of frequently asked questions like the below as people are starting to get into crystals:

  • Where do you start when you are just learning about crystals and stones?  

  • How do you know which ones you should pick?  

  • Do crystals have energy to them?  

  • How do they help with your own energy field?  

When you think about the ever changing energies of the human body, it is easy to see how ones mood, behavior, or surrounding environment can affect ones energy.  While the energy of the human body can change and fluctuate, the energy of a crystal is constant, which makes it a great tool to help rebalance ones own energy.  Not only do crystals add aesthetics to a room, but they also significantly shift the energy and vibration in a space in subtle ways.  Start to pay attention to the vibrational frequency of different places that you visit!  Dr. Erin’s nursery is currently filled with chunks of rose quartz in the windowsills to amplify the vibrational frequency of love in that room. Some of our favorite crystals for love are:

  • rose quartz

  • rhodonite

  • aventurine

  • topaz

  • ruby

  • pink lemurian quartz. 


We love essential oils because they instantly uplift your mood and they are NON-TOXIC — WIN WIN! We’ve paired some of our favorite stones with essential oils that they pair well with.

  • Rose quartz is known as being a stone for love and relationships.  It pairs great with rose, ylang ylang, and bergamot.  

  • Rhodonite is known as a stone of love.  It pairs great with rose, geranium, ginger, and ylang ylang.  

  • Aventurine is known for being a stone that is used to open up the heart.  It helps promote a sense of well being.  It pairs great with sandalwood, bergamot, and lavender.  

  • Topaz is known as being a stone for love, good fortune, and confidence.  It pairs great with sandalwood, orange, and bergamot.  

  • Ruby is known as a stone for love, energy, and motivation. It pairs great with cinnamon, ylang ylang, and ginger. 

  • Pink Lemurian is a stone for unconditional love, female energy, and connection with angels.  It pairs great with bergamot, lavender, and ylang ylang.  

We’ve included Affiliate Links to some of our favorite things. As always, we only include links to things we personally use and LOVE. Thank you for supporting us!

Love & Light,

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth