How TLC Deals with Cycle Pain Without Medication!

When she saw she was just like the moon, she suddenly saw her MAGIC!

Fish Oil to help with cycle pain

If you know us, you know that we look to nature for any aliments we may be experiencing rather than taking medication.  As females we get our cycles every month, which is part of the cycle of nature.  As we changed our diets and started living a more holistic lifestyle all around we notice changes in our cycles all for the better!  

The biggest health impact that we made in regards to our cycles were switching over to organic tampons.   We had our cycles for about ten years before we learned what was actually in our feminine products.  That is something that is appalling to learn when you use feminine items every month in a very sensitive area.  We encourage females to use diva cups if they are feeling called to use a cup instead of organic tampons.  

Every once and a while we still experience some cramping usually on day one of our cycles.  We kick the cramping pain to the curb with all natural remedies that do not throw off our detoxification systems or deplete our glutathione levels as some of the over the counter medication does.  

Orgonite for Cycle Pain

Our go to remedies include:  

1.  Increasing our fish oil dosages to balance out our prostaglandins and ultimately decrease inflammation.

2.  We reach for the homeopathic remedy Inflammatone to help with any systemic inflammation. 

3. We will take Fermented Turmeric or Turmeric Forte to also help with systemic inflammation.

4. We will reach for Bosweilia to decrease achy pain. 

5.  Essential oils that we apply on topically include: 

* Ylang Ylang 

* Hormones for Women over Clary Sage

* Frankicense 

* Rosemary

6.  We will utilize our infrared heating pads for front or back cramps. 

7.  We will take Magnesium to help with cramping along with chocolate cravings.  

  8.  Lastly we use orgonite!  

We will place the orgonite directly on our abdomen!

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 

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