Injury Recall Technique — IRT

What injuries do you have stored within your system?

In our office one of the very first things we do is we assess injuries stored within your system.

It doesn’t matter if the injuries were from birth to said age now — they still have the potential to be affecting your nervous system.  

Our NATURAL go-to’s for injuries.

Our NATURAL go-to’s for injuries.

When you have an injury you body remembers the muscle memory that happened from that injury. The response that is activated within the system is from the Muscle Withdrawl Response. This is GREAT short term but not so great long term.

So, you think you are walking around nice and tall when in fact your muscles have that injury memory stored within them. This means you’ll have muscles working too hard and other muscles that are weak from the injury patterning.

In our office we are able to assess and clear these injuries out of your system and get a TRUE read of what’s going on. Once these injuries are cleared out of your system they won’t show up again unless there is an underlying issue going on and we are able to dive into that at a subsequent visit.

Common injuries we see — car accidents, whiplash, surgeries, broken bones, and low back pain (ligaments)

Muscle Testing

Injuries people don't think matter, but do matter — dental work, minor rear ends, donating blood, rolled ankles, and ankle sprains

Please note that when we clear injuries out of the ligaments in the low back one may have tenderness or soreness and we always recommend ice or heat to help with inflammation along with other remedies that one tests for. One will feel more grounded and balanced after injuries are cleared out of one’s system.

Let’s Align & Heal 💕

Love & Light,

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 

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