Innate Intelligence

Growing up in a family that went to the chiropractor regularly I always knew about this “thing” called your innate intelligence; however, I didn’t actually REALIZE how powerful innate intelligence was until chiropractic school.  You see chiropractors believe that the power that made the body heals the body — ie your innate intelligence.  This means that the body needs no help, it just needs no interference—thanks B.J Palmer 💫 !  

I knew growing up that my body would function better if I saw the chiropractor.  You may be thinking how did I know this at such a young age 🤔.  I was an athlete and to miss a game was the worst feeling in the world.  I knew that if I told my parents I needed to go see the chiropractor that I wouldn’t miss any sporting events for the week if I got adjusted—it’s like my body knew what it needed without me fully understanding how or why.  

What I didn’t realize was that this whole interference concept had multiple parts to it.  We like to refer to these as the 3T’s.  Thoughts, traumas {micro and macro}, and toxins.  My body grasped the idea of trauma, but I did not know how important the other 2T’s were.  

  • Thoughts 💭—you mean to tell me that the words I thought about and the words that I spoke affected my health?!? If only I had known how powerful my thoughts and words were when I was younger!

  • Toxins—these range from the food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the heavy metals we are exposed to, to the chemicals we clean our homes with, and to the beauty products that we put onto our skin—these all have an impact on our health and toxicity load.

Getting adjusted 👐🏼 has always been my saving grace 🙏🏼 ever since I had ear infections, but what I missed out on the MOST growing up was the toxicity issue.  I did not realize how impactful my food choices were on my body.  I was an inflamed and sick child who turned into an inflamed and sick young adult even though I got adjusted.  If I wanted a better quality of life and less interference within my nervous system I was going to have to change my lifestyle.  The easiest thing to change was the food that I put into my mouth.  I had a CHOICE every single time I ate.  I also knew that I had to get the toxins out of my body while giving my body the proper nourishment to create new healthy cells.  

We previously used to ask the question—are you toxic or not?  However, due to the environment we live in the question we now ask is HOW TOXIC ARE YOU??  We address this question by using our test kits from MFT which get to the root cause.  When the issue shows up as emotional in nature we have multiple tools in our tool box that we utilize!  

We want to remind you to watch your thoughts, limit your toxicities, and clear your traumas—this is how your innate intelligence will heal you!  We suggest you find a chiropractor that can help you heal along your journey.  We personally know what our bodies feel like when interference is removed and this is when we are living to our fullest potential 💁🏼‍♀️!

Love & Light,

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 💕 



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