Intuition 101

Start living a life that is aligned with who you really are!

Our favorite superpower is our intuition.  We’ve been using our intuition DAILY since we graduated chiropractic school.   It’s the way we live our lives.  We know that this New World that we have entered into needs intuitive healing in order to heal the conscious collective.  We all have this superpower, but some of us have shut it off.  One has to get in touch with his or her feelings to really honor in on their intuition.  If you don’t know how you feel you’ll never be able to check in with yourself to see if what you are doing is aligning with your soul.   


We have to actually be in our physical bodies and FEEL.  We can’t be numbing ourselves with toxic food, alcohol, drugs, or medications that we as a society use so commonly today.  We hear a lot of people respond with “I don’t know" to a lot of the questions we ask in our office when it comes to their bodies.  This response of “I don’t know" shows us how most people in today’s society are not aware of what’s really going on in their bodies.  

Open up to the possibilities that your body knows all the answers if you can train your mind to be silent and listen for them.  In order to do this, you need to embody your physical body while also taking care of your physical body.  This means you need to get healthy.  Seek out support and help from those you trust.   Go get your energy field checked and see what the field has to say.  Get adjusted.  Have acupuncture or experience reiki. 

We operate our daily lives by filtering everything through our intuition and it’s a magical feeling. 

By filtering everything through our intuition its our way to connect to our higher selves that gives us this deep inner knowing of what we need to do in order to heal.  When you connect with source, you know that you are divinely guided.   


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin

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