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You may be thinking how does IRT work?  That is a great question to ask and first you need to understand that when an injury occurs to any tissue in the body there is a muscle response. The injury could be as trivial as bumping your knee on the desk, to dental work, to a major accident or surgery.  In all scenarios, a muscle response occurs.  Here are two examples:

  1. Someone puts their hand on a hot stove and they immediately pull their hand away and move their body away from the stove.

  2. Someone steps on something sharp with their foot and they quickly lift their foot off the sharp object while transferring their weight to the other leg.   

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The muscle response that occurs in the above scenarios and in any injury/accident are designed to protect the person from further injury.  In an ideal world, these muscle responses are temporary and then the muscles should return to normal; however, some injuries are serious enough or last long enough that the muscle response that initially occurred has remained.  IRT eliminates the encoded trauma connection in the nervous system by neurologically connecting the area of trauma with the locking mechanism (the ankle mortise).  IRT clears out the muscle memory, which allows the healing process to begin where injury previously occurred.  

Injury Recall Technique (IRT) is one of the most highly acclaimed procedure of all of Dr. Walter Schmitt’s clinical innovations.  IRT is a gentle procedure used to clear out recent or old injuries that have been stored in the body’s nervous system.  IRT helps restore muscle balance to pre-injury status.  This can help alleviate pain and even improve restricted range of motion.  


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