Love is Not Lost

In a world where we want to be happy we have to be happy with ourselves first.

Did you know you have EVERYTHING inside of you?

We need to cultivate love within ourselves rather than looking outside of ourselves for someone else to give us something.  When you operate from a mentality that people have to give you something you are really operating from a “lack” mentality and this will not lead to a prosperous life.  When you operate from a generous heart you will have joy in your life.  Remember that you already have everything inside of you and you don’t need anyone else to complete you.  When you empower yourself you are a force to be reckoned with.  

We know that even after all of the years that we spent in the educational system that we weren’t taught how to love ourselves or why it was important.  This should be present from the moment you start school, but it simply isn’t.  In the last year we decided that we were going to put ourselves first and really dive into all of the things that we felt showed ourselves self love.  We were ready to receive more self love.

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our self care guide:

This is how you can be the person you needed to be when you were younger.  

  1. Get adjusted— You need a healthy nervous system in order to THRIVE in this world. 

  2. Have a big M-Field (energy field)— Your M field is an extension of your nervous system, if you want to Thrive you have to be able to interact with your environment. 

  3. Sweat it out— Go to the sauna.  Mediate, relax, and sweat out those toxins. 

  4. Organic Green Juices—Never underestimate the power of a green juice. 

  5. Take a bubble bath—You forgot how relaxing a bath is. 

  6. Schedule a Reiki Session — Help cleanse your body of energies that no longer serve you.

  7. Get acupuncture regularly—Those needles are life changing.  

  8. Emotions… Oh Boy—sit with them, validate them, and release them.   

  9. Smile—You never know how much a smile can change someones day, including your own. 

  10. Buy all the crystals—I had no idea how powerful these bad boys were until this past year.  

Remember to ask yourself this question—If I truly loved myself what would I do?  Odds are you’d do something that made you happy.  So go do all those things that set your soul on fire, stop the self limiting talk, and love yourself as your working on yourself. 

Remember: nobody’s perfect.  You will struggle and fail, but get back up fast because you deserve to live your best life.  


Drs. Erin & Elizabeth 

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