Learning How to Love Yourself


Today is launch day for our kickoff group of Level Up, Vibrate Out!

Fear not: there is still time to join! You can sign up for our eight-week course today or you can do our three part mini series of Level Up, Vibrate Out that will be available next week! You get to do these three session at your own pace, three weeks at a time. 

Heres the deal, you have to do the mini sessions in consecutive order as they build off of the previous one. If after session one or two you don’t want to finish, you don’t have to. We created these mini series for those having a hard time committing to the eight weeks… no need to exclude anyone due to time frame issues! You can still benefit immensely!

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Within this course you’ll learn how to love yourself, truly love yourself!  What would your life look like if you truly loved yourself?  What thoughts would you change?  What would you be doing differently?  Who would you be around you?  Who would you say goodbye to?  Whatever those answers are, go do them!  If you are in our course, we will be holding your hand, virtually, while you step into truly loving yourself. 

Our self love game is ALWAYS strong, but it wasn’t always like this.  We did not know anything about self-love until we got sick and diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Chiropractic School and it was brought to our attention.  Throughout the last five and a half years we had to work on this, daily until it became this thing that we did.  We do not waver in what serves us at a soul level.  We are fortunate enough to have had each other while we worked on this because it’s not an easy journey doing it alone!  Lucky for you, you have us, supporting and encouraging you every step of the way in these next eight weeks.  

We can’t wait for you to see how your life changes over these next eight weeks.  Cheers to you as you decided to step into 2019 wanting to change your life in every aspect!  As you work on truly loving yourself, you will release the self doubt, and learn how to tune into you.  As you tune into you, you’ll learn about how to harness your intuition and create a life where you are in alignment with your soul. 

We can’t imagine a better life than one where you love yourself and you filter everything through your intuition. Here’s to freeing yourself from the QUICK-FIX loop and living your best life.  

Love & Light, 

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin