TLC's Meditation Challenge


In our eight-week course, Level Up, Vibrate Out, the last week is specifically geared to helping your create a daily practice that works for you. 

Meditation is a huge practice in our lives.  We know that a daily mediation practice can be challenging in today’s society, but when you make it a NON-NEGOTIABLE in your life you start to notice the shifts that occur. Dr. Elizabeth likes slow mornings to herself and chooses to meditate after work. Dr. Erin likes to mediate in the morning and set the tone for the day.   

We both have become heart-centered individuals instead of thought-centered. We have worked on releasing those negative emotions and negative comments from our brains (thought-centered) with our daily practices.  We both wake up setting intentions for how we want our day to flow along with what we’d like the day to look like and this comes from our heart.  We both use meditation in our own way and release those negative thoughts when they pop up when we are sitting in silence. When you practice feeling from your heart instead of your brain you realize that those negative comments can’t exist. 

In our office, we deal a lot with releasing negative emotions.  One way that we counteract them is by using our positive emotion pillar with essential oils.  The act of smelling the oils affects the limbic center of the brain which helps rewire the brain to be able to express those positive emotions better. We always encourage our patients to use essential oils when they are meditating. 



TLC’s 7 Day Meditation Challenge  

Does this sound like you?

“Meditation isn’t for me.”  

“My brain goes off in too many directions.” 

“I only think about my to-do list.”

“I can’t sit in silence.”

“I can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes.”  

“I don’t have time. “

We get it! Know that meditation is a practice and it’s something we have to train the brain and body to do.  We live in a fast pace society where we aren’t present in the moment and we are constantly thinking about the next thing we need to do.  We used to be two individuals who said meditation wasn’t for us.  We didn’t have time for it.  It wasn’t a priority in our lives.  Those were all the things we said before we even tried it!   Our perception and thoughts about meditation changed once we actually did it!  once we found someone whom we resonated with.   You don’t have to meditate for an hour at a time.  You just need to cultivate time where you sit in silence with yourself and REALLY be present.   

Our 7 day challenge is EASY no matter where you are in your meditation practice (beginner or advanced):

  1. Put your phone to silent and set the timer each day.

  2. Sit or lie in a comfortable position.  Become aware of your breath.  Breath in through the nose and out the mouth for the first three breathes.  Then you will continue breathing in and out through the nose.  Feel your belly rise and fall while you are doing this.  If your mind goes to something that needs to be done just focus on your breath.  

  3. Set your timer for 1 minute per day of the challenge:

    • Day 1 — set the timer for 1 minute

    • Day 2 — set the timer for 2 minutes

    • Day 3 — set the timer for 3 minutes…

    Continue to practice your meditation daily for seven days.

After the timer goes off.  Give yourself gratitude for taking the time to sit in silence.  Go ahead and journal about anything that came up.  


Drs. Erin & Elizabeth 

We’ve included affiliate links for some of our favorite essential oils to meditate with. As always, we only include goods we absolutely love and personally use. Thank you for supporting us!