Merrier Series--Living your best life

Happy Tuesday Friends!

We have teamed up with the lovely ladies from Merry Hour for their Merrier Series and it is going to be amazing!  This series was developed to focus on wellness, self-awareness, and living your best life.  

If you've been interested in energy work and want to learn more this 2 hour event is perfect for you.  At this event we will be sharing different ways for you to take back control of your health -- physically and emotionally.  We will be talking about Morphogenic Field Technique with plenty of opportunities for you to participate if you'd like along with utilizing essential oils to help express positive emotions!  If you are interested in this event click here to purchase your ticket!  

We can't wait to see you next Tuesday night, April 3rd, and show you why we love what we do and how you can take back your health!


In Health, 

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth  💗

We’ve include some Affiliate Links for essential oils that pair with our positive emotional pillar. As always, we only share items we personally use and love.