Morphogenic Field Technique {MFT}

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MFT Test Kits

Over the next few weeks we are going to break down the different techniques that we utilize in our practice.  We are going to start off by talking about Morphogenic Field Technique {MFT}.  MFT is about expanding and balancing one’s energy field — if you didn’t know you had an energy field around you now you do 😊.  This technique allows us to measure your energy field around you on all sides and then dive into what is causing your field to be small and challenged.  You see, we view your energy field as an extension of your nervous system and if your field is small your nervous system isn’t functioning at an optimum level.  MFT allow us to have a quantum conversation with your field to figure out what your body needs to function optimally.  

PMG Pillars

To start the quantum conversation, we measure your energy field and when needed we enhance your field to have a better conversation.  The first kits that we run are our RED Kits.  These kits allows us to see how your foundation is and if any cells have foundational needs going on at this moment in time.  AKA this kit allows us to see if your cells have everything they need to be healthy.  Every cell in the body needs nerve supply (chiropractic care helps with this 👐🏼) and blood supply to thrive.  If you think about building a house you wouldn’t put the foundation on top of the city dump 🤔.  You want to build a house (your body) on strong ground (cell membrane integrity).  You want that house to have clean air and water (oxygen & blood supply).  Furthermore, your house has to have proper fuel (ATP).  

Geopathic Stress

Some other questions we ask in regards to what do cells need are:  How’s your hydration? 💧 Are you sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’S?  How is your digestion?  Are you getting enough minerals in your diet?  

By asking these questions and pulling the Red Kits we can see which foundational needs aren’t being met.  If you aren’t building good healthy cells it’s hard to have healthy tissues, organs or an organ system.  If your body is building good healthy cells your body can build healthy tissue and that tissue makes up organs and when you have healthy organs you have healthy organ systems.  

After asking the body if it is interested in any foundational needs, we ask the body if there are any pathways that are being disrupted.  Then we jump into our White Kit followed by our Blue Kit — more to come on these kits in another post. 

One of the easiest ways to open up pathways that are being disrupted is through the utilization of homeopathic supplementation and herbs.  These are in our solution test kits that we pull once we have all the ‘problem energies' that the body wants to talk about on that given visit.  

With all of that said, our Red Kits allow us to see if your body has what it needs to make new healthy cells.  Here is a little reminder on how long it takes to create a new body.

    Taste Buds turn over every 10 days 👅

    Skin Cells turn over every 27 days 

    Blood Cells turn over every 90-120 days

    Muscle cells turn over every 1-3 years 💪🏻

    Bone cells turn over every 2-4 years 

    Nervous system cells turn over every 7 years

75% of your current body still consists of what you were last year or earlier!  Your body is turning cells over, but it can’t turn over 70 trillion cells that fast.  Be patient and know you are on your way to better health.  In a year your health will be significantly better than it was before. 

In Health, 

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth