Morphogenic Field Technique {MFT} Part 2

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This week we are going to be talking more about Morphogenic Field Technique {MFT} and the other kits that we have on top of the Red Kits.  Last week we focused in on the Red Kits and the foundational needs that need to be addressed along with disruptor energies for specific pathways.  Once these are identified we move onto the White Kit which is composed of cellular energies.  You might be thinking why are cellular energies important? 🤔  The reason is because our CELLS make up our tissues, our tissues make up our organs, and our organs make up our organ systems.  If we don’t ask the body which cellular energies are affected we miss out on a huge part of what is going on.  After pulling the White Kit and addressing cellular energies we move onto testing our Blue Kit.  This kit allows us to ask different questions. 

    1. Does the body want to talk about the energy of immune challenges? 

    2. Does the body want to talk about the energy of a toxicity issue? 

        * Is this toxicity issue related to the energy of specific foods? 

        * Is this toxicity issue related to the energy of chemicals? 

        * Is this toxicity issue related to the energy of heavy metals? 


Once we identify the problem energy in the blue kit we are now able to do a little patient education on how to avoid certain foods, chemicals, or heavy metals if those problem energies show up.  This is how we EMPOWER 💁🏼‍♀️ our patients to take back their health.  

Now that the patient has all of the problem energies in his/her hand, we are able to grab our solution kits to come up with an individualized protocol 🙌🏼 that handles and shuts off the energies in the patients hand.  The next step is to check the Fatty Acid reference point to make sure the patients fatty acids are balanced.  We demonstrate the three-year old child reaction by going to the Morphogenic Proteins M-Field Reference Points that showed up during testing to show how the protocol makes the reference points strong.  Then we get the patient dosed on his/her products.  Lastly, we remeasure the patients energy field to make sure that it is bigger and more balanced than when they came in.  

In Health, 

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth 💕