Morphogenic Field Technique {MFT} Part 3

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This week we will be talking more about Morphogenic Field Technique {MFT} and all of the other kits that we have on-top of Red, White, and Blue.  We like to think of these as our advanced kits.  Two weeks ago we focused on the Red Kits—just a reminder, these kits addressed the foundational needs along with disruptor energies for specific pathways.  Last week we talked about the cellular energies along with the energies associated with immune challenges and toxicities—these are found in either the White Kit or the and Blue Kit.  

Bugs in My Brain Book & Green Kit

Let’s dive into the other kits that we have and why we like to use them.  First off, we have our special situation kit AKA the Orange Kit.  Dr. Frank likes to refer to this kit as the “We have an app for that” kit.  This kit allows us to pull out energies of chief complaints that people walk into our office with.  We use this kit when a patient starts talking about a specific label that they were given in a medical office.  We want to remind you that we DO NOT treat diagnosis’s in our office, but rather we look to see if specific energies attract.  We refer to this as Energy Signature Matching 🙌🏼.  The Orange Kit allows us to see if the patients energy field is interested in specific energies or if the field is uninterested.  We love this kit and utilize it often because we tend to see people who have been to multiple providers and aren’t improving. 

Next, we have our Green Kit which is newer to our office as they added in the energies of the 15 most common diets in today’s society.  When patients come in with food complaints, digestive complaints, or the energy of food disruptor pathway shows up we will reach for this kit!

Green kit

Neither one of us follow a specific diet {although we are both gluten free and have been for almost 5 years}.  Rather we eat intuitively based on what we feel like our bodies need for the day.   With that said, when we got our Green Kit we were curious to see what type of diet our energy fields were interested in!  The Green Kit is great because we are able to identify the energy of foods that you should be avoiding along with what other energies of food you may want to add into your diet!  Ultimately we want you to be eating organic fruits and vegetables, getting your meat from sustainable sources or local farmers that you know and trust, limiting your processed foods {even processed organic foods}, and ultimately AVOID genetically modified foods.  Today we are eating foods that our great grandparents would not recognize.  The food is full of chemicals and antibiotics and yet we wonder why ourselves or someone we know and love has issues with foods?!  It’s because of what’s being done to the food—we are being poisoned for profit and we are NOT okay with that 😤. 

On-top of our Orange and Green Kit we also have a Purple Kit that we absolutely love utilizing!

We do a lot of work with emotions in our office and we have so many great tools in our toolbox to address them.  The Purple Kit specifically deals with are we able to express positive emotions and if not, how can essential oils help.  We have two different pillars that we are able to run {Chakra Pillar or Don’t Worry Be Happy Pillar} to see where our bodies need help emotionally speaking.   We can focus on essential oil remedies or we can focus on homeopathic supplementation for either pillar.  

Purple Kit & 2 Books

We personally love dealing with emotions everyday because emotions are NORMAL.   Simply put they are energy in MOTION (e-motion).   In today’s society we are taught to suppress our emotions and not really feel them.  We like to remind our patients that there is a natural ebb and flow in life.  There will be highs and lows and we are supposed to feel everything along that journey.  Jill Bolte Taylor states "Just like children, emotions heal when they are heard and validated."  We like to remind our patients of this quote because we heal when we process emotions.  When we don’t feel our emotions they get stuck and can wreak havoc on the body.  For these situations, we utilize NeuroEmotional Technique {more to come on NET in the future}.


In Health, 

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 💕