Why we love orgonite!

Zapped + Orgonite
Orgonite Flower of Life

We love orgonite because it takes the chaotic unseen energy from wifi, cell phones, 5G towers, and smart meters. They change it into a harmonious energy that can pass through the system without causing damage.  Anything that helps protect the body we are for!  The orgonite we sell in our office also has emotional healing properties based off of both the color and the crystals utilize in it! 

We offer all shapes and sizes in our office depending on what you are looking for.  We personally have all sizes in both of our homes. 

We carry a Flower of Life on us to help protect the body.  

We utilize the Roses in our cars to help with Blue Tooth that we both utilize due to the Hands Free Law in Minnesota.  We also utilize a Rose in our purse or diaper bag to help protect us while we are walking.  We also utilize the Rose on our Berkey Water Filters.  Our water filters are filtering out the toxins in the water however it’s not doing anything for the vibrational frequency of the water with the 5G on the water towers.   

We have the Mini Pyramids around our tv’s and computers.  We also utilize Mini Pyramids in our fridges to help charge our food and handle any lay lies that our fridges run on.  

We have both the regular size pyramids and large size pyramids in both our bedrooms and our fridges to help increase the vibrational frequency of the foods as well.

We keep the regular size pyramids next to our plants to help their energy field.   We keep regular size pyramids around our fur babies kennels as well.  

Did you know that all livings things have their own energy field?  Animals are especially affected by the chaotic unseen frequencies and our fur babies love the orgonite.

We have the extra large pyramids in our living rooms as these protect the largest area.

We encourage all of our female patients to utilize orgonite to help with cycle pain.

The field size range that the orgonite emits are:  
Flower of Life - 2 feet; Roses - 4-6 feet; Regular Pyramids - 6-8 feet; Large Pyramids - 12-16 feet; Extra Large Pyramids - 20+ feet 

Dr. Elizabeth has one of the strongest pyramid that Steve has made thus far with a field 50 + feet and she ended up buying this one for her puppy Aurora.  Her apartment is a fortress with all of the orgonite she has in it as she loves living in the concrete jungle of the city and has no plans to leave the city life anytime soon. 

We are so grateful to have something like this to protect not only ourselves, but all the people and animals in our lives as well.  Please note, that these beauties do need to be cleansed or re-charged. We use our intuition to let us know when they need to be cleansed and when they need to be re-charged.

If you would like to read more about a recent article Steve was featured in head on over to Our Healing House. Steve is working on a publishing a research paper that shows what happens to our blood cells due to wi-fi and how the orgonites are helping the body be able to handle these technological upgrades and heal at the same time. 


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 

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