Our New Space—Fall is a Time for Change

Fall is a time for change and that is exactly what the Universe had in mind for us and our practice.  We had been throwing around the idea of a move back in May and were hesitant to jump all in, but when we did boy oh boy did everything move quickly.  So quickly that our landlord at the time asked if we could be out in a week because someone wanted our space.  I then stumbled upon this quote and couldn’t help but smile —“Don’t be surprised how quickly the universe will move once you have decided.”   


You see, fall is a time for change. There is excitement in the air as the kids get ready to go back to school.  Schedules become more regular, the leaves begin to change, all things pumpkin can be found at the local co-op and coffee shops, and the cool crisp air of Autumn sets in. 

This year fall and change meant a little bit more to us than any other year.  We officially moved from Minneapolis to St. Paul.  We never imagined that we would leave the Minneapolis side of the river and head over to St. Paul because here there is an unspoken language that you are either a Minneapolis person or a St. Paul person—at least that’s what we have been told by the people born and raised here.  Lucky for us, we didn’t feel that way and moved where the universe so kindly worked its magic for us to be.  

This fall has been busy and a lot of change has occurred.  We have launched our new website, we have started a blog, and we have a new software system which offers online booking. 🙋 🙌😊  Our online booking system has limited availability offered online, so if you don’t see a time that works best for you please contact our office at 612-223-8676 or email us at twinlifechiropractic@gmail.com.

Love & Light,

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth 💕   

We’ve included affiliate links for a few resources that help you realize that the Universe has your back! As always, we only include things we absolutely love and think you will, too!