Our Story

How Drs. Elizabeth & Erin got to be the holistic healers they are today 💫

We were extremely fortunate and grew up in a home that knew the benefit of chiropractic care.  Our parents took us for our first adjustments at the young age of 2 due to chronic ear infections and autoimmune issues. 

Throughout our lives we continued to go and Dr. Erin knew that this was her calling in life when she was 14 years old!  It took Dr. Elizabeth a little bit longer to figure out that this would also be her true calling in life.

While in Chiropractic school, both Dr. Erin & Dr. Elizabeth knew the importance of getting adjusted, yet we found ourselves sick while in school. 

The medical route gave us the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and said there wasn’t much they could do.  That was NOT an acceptable answer for either of us.  We knew we needed to make lifestyle modifications and drastically change our diet.  

We didn’t adopt this HOLISTIC lifestyle overnight.  It was a slow process while we were in chiropractic school and we have continued to learn more and more everyday.  We are here to tell you that you can live a vibrant healthy lifestyle even if you take baby steps in taking back the right to your health.   

We had no idea about essential oils, homeopathy, whole food nutrition, or herbs until we started our TRUE health journey.  Dr. Elizabeth took medication throughout her entire childhood and early adult life. Now that she knows better, she does better.  She always looks to nature first to find what her body needs.  She has been off of medication for 4+ years and is thriving more than ever and she has Morphogenic Field Technique to thank for that!

We found Morphogenic Field Technique after graduating from school and starting our own practice .  We are so thankful that we found it when we did because this technique allowed us to identify our own immune challenges and toxicity issues that were still causing havoc on our bodies despite dietary and lifestyle changes.  We fell in love with whole food nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy and can’t imagine where our health would be without this technique.  Many patients also testify that they can wake up and know that they will be okay despite previous health issues.  

Drs. Erin + Elizabeth Story

We want you to know that your body is strong, amazing, and always looking out for you.   You just need to know what your body is telling you in order to move forward and past whatever challenge you are facing.   

We are here to empower you to take back your right to be healthy and strive in doing so.  

Know that people are waking up and realizing that the only way to heal is to do it yourself. YOU have to put in the effort and we will be your biggest cheerleader while you do so! 

Regardless if you are a healer or not or if you are ready to really heal your life and be your best you, remember:

Only YOU are responsible for YOUR healing.

Love and Light,

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin

We’ve included affiliate links for two of our favorite books on vibrating up and harnessing the energetic power within. As always, we only include books we absolutely love to read.