Open Up to Receiving

What can we do to not only feel connected, but also open ourselves up to receiving? 

The world that we live in can feel chaotic at times if we get caught up in every day life without taking time to slow down.  At the same time, we live in a world that is driven by technological advances, yet we feel the most disconnected we’ve ever felt.  How can we feel connected AND open to receiving?

The first thing that comes to mind for us is making sure our chakra system is aligned and that all seven chakras are freely flowing.  You see the seven chakras are swirling vortices of energies that each have their own color and frequency associated with them.  The chakra energy can spin either clockwise or counterclockwise.  When it moves in a clockwise direction energy is moving from your body out into your field and when it moves in a counterclockwise direction energy is moving from your field into your body.  

We have the three chakras of the lower body and three chakras of the upper body that are connected in the center at the heart space— the 4th chakra. 


The heart chakra is where the physical and spiritual come together.  It is also associated with the color green and is known for its energy of love.  We know that the heart chakra actually has its own field and that it emits so much electromagnetic energy that it can be measured several feet away!  This alone tells us how important it is to make sure that this chakra is open so that energy can freely move up and down the body.  When you have a negative experience, your chakra can become closed to protect your body from that low vibrational frequency.  Furthermore, if you refuse to deal with that negative experience your system keeps that chakra closed off.  If this is the case for your heart chakra, you may find it difficult to open up or trust others.  On the other end of the spectrum if you are one that has an open heart charka you find it easy to be who you truly are as you are in alignment with yourself.  An open heart chakra is key to being able to receive!

We work with opening energy pathways every day in our office. Set up some time with us to ensure your energetic system is healthy and thriving!

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth 

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