Self Care Checklist: Spring


Spring is FINALLY here!  We both love what the season of Spring brings.  It brings in new energy and allows us to release old stagnant energy.  We know that in order for new energy to come into our lives we have to remove the old energy, whether that be emotionally or through physical things with spring cleaning!  If you know us, you know that we both love to deep clean for spring cleaning!  We also like to check in with our bodies to see if there is anything that needs some extra focus on.    

Throughout our years in practice, we have learned that in Chinese Medicine each season has an organ that correlates with it and Springs organ is the liver.  We always love to support the liver because its one of our main detox organs.  When Spring time arrives we make sure we give our liver extra love and support.  We love to add lemon juice to our water in the morning to help detox the liver.  We also make sure we are eating our greens which are great for the liver whether that be in salads, juices, or smoothies.   

With the excitement of warmer weather on it’s way, we know that Spring time for us means more physical movement outdoors!  We are huge proponents of getting in as many walks as possible before or after work when the weather is beautiful out.  We take advantage of the warm Spring days and take Burrberry on walks.  Some days it’s more of a pulling game with Burrberry as he is so excited to be out and greet all the other dogs.  We like to laugh because many people say “Whose walking who?” 

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We also make sure we are addressing emotions as they are surfacing within ourselves and within our patients.  If you are feeling angry, frustrated or resentful we know something energetically is off with your liver!   In our office and in our online Level Up, Vibrate Out course we work on releasing these negative emotions and focus on the positive emotions of compassion and patience to support the liver. 

In order to heal some of those emotions you have to do some cleaning within yourself and your life in order to heal.  Do you need to ditch the coffee, the alcohol, the stimulants, the late nights, a friendship, a relationship?   How can you bring more positive emotions into your life?  

Download our SPRING SELF CARE CHECKLIST HERE to help support your goals and truly nourish your soul this Spring.


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 

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