Join us for a gratitude challenge.

It is officially November and that means we are up for a gratitude challenge!  We know that while the holidays can be hard and stressful on us physically, mentally, and emotionally we need to take time to remind ourselves of all the things that we are grateful for in our lives.  We’ve been doing some inner work ourselves and have been taking the time to notice what situations/events/scenarios are triggers to each of us.  In doing so, we have been able to stop and reframe how we are viewing the scenario to better serve our emotional well being.  For us, awareness has really been the key.  

We’ve listed below something for you to journal everyday.  Grab a pen and feel free to journal in the morning or at night.  

Day 1
Health - Take time today to reflect on all the ways in which your body has been working for you!  What about your health do you have to be grateful for? 

Day 2
Nourishment - What do you do daily that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit?  Be grateful for the ways that the nourishing things you do add value to your life!

Day 3 
Self-love - This is our reminder to you that you are amazing just the way you are!  Take time today to reflect on and be grateful for all the things you love about yourself.  

Day 4 
Nature - Anyone else need a reminder that nature is healing?  Today take time to admire mother nature around you and be grateful for anything that you experience or notice.

Day 5 
Emotions - Take time today to really sit with your emotions.  Notice how you feel in different situations/scenarios.  Do different emotions resonate in different parts of your body?  What is one emotion that you are grateful for? 

Day 6 
Awareness - With so many things demanding our attention at the exact same time, staying present in the moment can be difficult.  Today we want everyone to focus on how it feels to be fully engaged in whatever you are doing and then appreciate and be grateful to yourself for doing so.  

Day 7 
Inspiration - What do you have in your life to be grateful for that inspires you the most? 

Day 8 
Knowledge - If you are like the two of us, you have multiple books that you are reading at one time.  What books or materials are you reading that you are grateful for?  

Day 9 
Experiences - Everyday is filled with experience after experience.  Think back about what experiences you’ve had that you are most grateful for.  

Day 10 
Career - The careers we choose and do consume most of our lives.  We are so thankful that we love what we do and that everyday we get to be a part of our patients healing journey.  What part of your career are you most grateful for? 

Day 11
Food - If you have been around the two of us, you know our love for good quality food.  What food are you grateful for?  

Day 12 
Friendship/Tribe - We believe that life is better when you have a supportive community to do life together with.  What friend(s) comes to mind that you are grateful for? 

Day 13 
Travel - Traveling lights our souls on fire.  It shows us different ways that people live and gives us a new appreciate.  What place have you traveled to that you are grateful for? 

Day 14 
Technology - Technological advancements have made certain aspects of our lives easier.  What technology are you thankful for and why? 

Day 15 
Senses - The five traditionally recognized sense are sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.  Take time today to reflect on how these impact your life.  What sense are you the most grateful for? 

Day 16 
Home - The word home may have different meanings to not only you, but also others around you.  What about “home” do you have to be grateful for? 

Day 17 
Love - Love is always around us.  Take time today to reflect on all the things you love and be grateful for all the love you’ve both given and received.  

Day 18 
Peace - We know that the world we live in can feel chaotic at times.  Take time today to cultivate the feeling of peace within.  Notice how you feel and where you feel at peace.  Then be grateful not only for the feeling of peace, but for taking time to recreate that vibrational frequency within.  

Day 19 
Laughter - We like to say that laughter really is the best form of medicine.  Make a mental note of what makes you laugh today and be grateful for all of those scenarios! 

Day 20 
Holiday - Did you have a favorite holiday as a kid?  Is that holiday still your favorite?  What is it about that specific holiday that makes it your favorite?  What can you be grateful for about that holiday? 

Day 21 
Reflection - Taking time to reflect on your day/week/month can be powerful.  Take a moment today to reflect on your day and week and see what you have to be grateful for.  

Day 22 
Role Models/Mentors - Throughout our lives, we have had different role models and mentors that we looked up to.  Think back to the qualities/characteristics that you loved in those people.  Be grateful that those people were put on your path/journey in life.  

Day 23 
Music - Do you ever listen to a song and feel your mood change?  What song are you grateful for and why?  

Day 24 
Beauty - When we stop and pay attention we can see that beauty is constantly around us.  Whether that is a playful puppy pulling on their leash, an eagle soaring in the sky, the sound of kids laughing at the park, or even a stranger smiling at you on the street — beauty really is around us.  Take time today to notice where beauty is and be grateful.  

Day 25 
Family - The word family can have many different meanings.  However you view family, take a moment and be grateful for the family filled moments that you’ve encountered and what they meant to you.  

Day 26 
Movement - Movement is a fundamental aspect of life and affects everything from circulation, digestion, metabolism, to immunity.  We need movement to fire and wire our brains.  What forms of movement do you do daily that you are grateful for?  

Day 27 
Animals - If you have been in our office or following along on our Instagram you have seen Dr. Erin’s fur baby — Burrberry.  He has this healing energy to him and you just want to snuggle on up with him.  What about your animals are you grateful for? 

Day 28 
Inspiration - Take a moment today and think about the people and places that inspire you.  What moments of inspiration have you had that you are grateful for?  

Day 29
Chiropractic - BJ Palmer said “The power that made the body heals the body.”  How has chiropractic care improved your quality of life?  What are you most grateful for about the chiropractic care that you’ve received?  

Day 30 
Growth - There can be no change without growth.  Everyone’s journey looks different and we want you to know that you are doing the best that you can!  Take a moment to reflect on all the growth that you’ve encountered this year. 

We encourage you to print this blog off to have a hard copy of our November Challenge! We will be posting on our instagram story the challenge throughout the month in case you do not print the blog off!

Love & Light,

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth

We’ve include some Affiliate Links to two different journals that we have used to express gratitude. As always, we only share items we personally use and love.