TLC’s Must See Spots in MPLS! 


If you know us, you know our love for local organic food and organic espresso. 

We spend hours researching cities before we travel to find the BEST spots in town that are local, organic, and sustainable! 

We see our bodies as temples and we choose to put foods in that nourish our bodies.  What better way to do that than visiting all the local places. 

Dogwood coffee favorite

Here are our MPLS favorites broken down into categories for all the Healthy Foodies who love organic, local, gluten free and dairy free menu options! 


  1. Dogwood Coffee

    1. Four locations {Uptown Minneapolis, East Lake Street which is in the Longfellow Neighborhood, Northeast Minneapolis, Saint Paul}

  2. Spy House

    1. Five locations {Uptown Minneapolis, North Loop Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis, Downtown MPLS, & Saint Paul} 

  3. Five Watts Coffee 

    1. Three locations {2 in Uptown Minneapolis & Northeast Minneapolis}

  4. Canteen Coffee 

  5. Fairgrounds Coffee in North Loop

  6. Peoples Organic 

    1. Multiple locations {Uptown Minneapolis, Galleria, & Minnetonka}

  7. Whole Foods

    1. Only two of the locations have a coffee bar {Downtown Minneapolis & Saint Paul}

  8. Bachelor Farmer 

  9. Quixotic {St. Paul} 

  10. Pennys Coffe 

    1. Two locations {Downtown Minneapolis & Linden Hills}

  11. Parallel 

  12. Alma Cafe 


  1. Spoon & Stable 

  2. Tulibee in the Hewing Hotel 

  3. Birchwood  

  4. Tao

  5. French Meadow 

  6. People’s Organic

  7. Parlor & Borough 

  8. Alma Cafe

  9. Brassa

  10. Seward Co-op Creamery

  11. Common Grounds 

  12. Good Earth 

  13. Sassy Spoon 

  14. Foxy Falafel {food truck in Uptown or restaurant in St. Paul} 

  15. Namaste Cafe 

Brunch Spots

  1. French Meadow 

  2. People’s Organic 

  3. Birchwood 

  4. Alma 

  5. Tao 

  6. Copper Hen 

  7. Spoon & Stable


  1. French Meadow 

  2. Aster Cafe

  3. Jefe 

  4. Freehouse 

  5. Muddy Waters


  1. Spoon & Stable 

  2. French Meadow 

    1. Rose Cake {GF & DF} or the Caramel Crunch Brownie {GF}

  3. Birchwood

    1. Seasonal Crisp {GF & DF}

  4. Izzy’s Ice Cream {DF options!}

  5. Wedge

    1. Coconut Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream 

  6. Fig & Farro

    1. Avocado Lime Pudding 

  7. Alma 

    1. Flourless Chocolate Cake {GF} 

  8. Sift Bakery 

    1. {GF, DF, Egg Free and Soy Free options}

  9. Sleep V’s Doughnuts

    1. {GF options on limited days} 


  1. Wedge 

    Fresh Pressed Juice

  2. Lakewinds in Richfield 


  3. East Side

    Fresh Pressed Juice 

  4. Linden Hills 

  5. Seward 

    Fresh Pressed Juice 

Fresh Pressed Organic Juice 

  1. Green Bee Juicery 

  2. Drink Truce 

    1. Multiple locations {Uptown Minneapolis, North Loop, & Wayzata} 

  3. Co-ops listed above! 

  4. Tao 

  5. Vibe Organic Juice Bar {St. Louis Park} 

Smoothies and Acai Bowls 

  1. Drink Truce 

  2. Wedge {Acai Bowls}

  3. Lakewinds {Smoothies} 

  4. Nautical Bowls in Minnetonka 

  5. Vibe Organic Juice Bar in St. Louis Park 

We are both healthy foodies. We love eating local, organic, sustainable food.  We eat gluten free and dairy free even when we go out to eat. We also love local, fair trade, or organic coffee.  We can taste the pesticides in the beans that aren’t locally made, fair trade or organic.   So, we are a little biased but Minneapolis has some of the best coffee!  We have our go to’s depending on what type of non-dairy milk we want for the day.  

Almond Milk Lattes   vs Coconut Milk Lattes 

Dogwood Canteen 3225
Spy House Fairgrounds
Bachelor Farmer French Meadow
Quixotic The Wedge

We hope that you have found our list to be helpful for when you are looking for local, organic, and sustainable in the city!  Remember to bring your own re-useable coffee cup and straw with to keep the plastic out of the ocean.  


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin 


We’ve included some Affiliate Links to help keep the plastic out of the ocean. As always, we only share items we personally use and love. Thank you for supporting us!