Total Alignment: Our Brand NEW Course


Total Alignment — no we aren’t talking about your spine!  Having an aligned spine is something we advocate on a daily basis; however, that is not what this blog is about!

We’re talking about our NEW course called TOTAL ALIGNMENT. Our course will be live to purchase later this week! 


This course is designed for anyone who needs some help in how to live a more conscious lifestyle.  A lifestyle where you are in TOTAL ALIGNMENT with who you are at a soul level!  You will get the real information about why you need to be detoxing in every aspect of your life and your house!  You will watch videos created by us that go over the lessons along with homework and downloadables.  You will have checklists, tracking guides, and so much more in this course. This course is hands on by you the participant in order to help you start living your best life!   We hope to see you in the course. 


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin