Travel Essentials for Spring Break

Travel sets the soul on fire.

We have always had a love for travel, especially to warm places and what better time to escape the long winter in MinneSNOWta than traveling somewhere warm in March for Spring Break.  Throughout the years of traveling our lifestyle has changed.  We used to not put too much thought or effort into traveling, but now that we know better we do better.  

We always bring a scarf that can turn into a blanket in case it’s chilly on the flight.  We also will utilize it as a pillow if we feel the need to nap on the flight.   We bring our own snacks with that are organic, gluten free, and dairy free.  We make sure we always have gum to chew in case we need to equalize ear pressure on the flight.  Our favorite gum is by Simply Gum.  We will also bring Gin Gin Ginger Chews to help with any nauseous that surfaces during take off, turbulence, or landings.  


We opt out of the scanners any chance we get because we do not want the extra radiation exposure.  We do the PRE-EMF tapping that we teach our patients about after getting through security.   We also pack crystals that protect against radiation for the flight, whether that be our Orgonite Flower of Life, Shungite bracelet, or black tourmaline.  

We bring our own glass jar for water.  We will fill up our glass jars with filtered water or we will buy bottled water and transfer it into the glass jar right away.  We then put our homeopathic remedies in it for the flight.  We love to use Rescue Calm, Fields of Flowers, and Flu tone on our flights to help keep our immune systems strong along with processing emotions that surface during the flights.  

We utilize essential oils for our ears, immune system, and non-toxic pleasant scents on the plane — anyone else notice the poor quality of air on the airplane?  We do our pulse points to clear out any emotions (ours get heightened while traveling) that seems to be present.   We have our playlists on Spotify ready for the flight along with a good book to read.  We love this “down time” to enjoy good tunes and a good book. 

Wishing you an your loved ones healthy and safe travels this Spring Break! 

xoxo  Drs. Elizabeth & Erin

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