Welcome to the New World!

Only divine love can transmute toxic memories to pure energies. 

Who else has felt the energetic shift that came at the end of 2018? We both always tell our patients that we can’t see their ENERGY FIELD, but we can FEEL it. We know when people walk into our office with decreased energy fields because we can feel that their energetic field isn’t as big as it should be. When we are out and about, we know when people are extremely sick because we can feel how small their field is.  

We have a strong sense of FEELING the energy and the shifts of this planet. We felt all the deletions happening at the end of 2018 and we knew we would be entering a NEW WORLD in 2019.

Our course, Level Up, Vibrate Out, is designed to help people delete those old patterning programs that are no longer serving them.  This will be huge for the those in Level Up, Vibrate Out; they will get out of their own way and step into a new life! 

You’ll start to see that low self worth, low self esteem, worry, and feeling sorry for yourself CANNOT exist anymore.  You will need to work on your triggers and determine why you feel these negative emotions about yourself. You will need to take responsibility for and understand your feelings, owning them. For example, if you are offended by someone, it’s your opportunity to figure out why you are offended, not blame your emotional reaction on the other person. Self awareness will be key.

We are moving into higher frequencies; low self worth and low self esteem won’t sustain any longer. These frequencies are too low for where we are headed.  This is your time to step into your power and make the efforts to change and to heal.  Nobody else can do this for you.

Divine love is the only source of inspiration and enlightenment.

Only divine love can transmute toxic memories to pure energies. 

Twin Life Chiropractic Welcome to the new world

People are waking up, realizing the only way to heal is to do it yourself. YOU have to put in the effort. 

We’ve experienced this first hand with some people we truly care about. We realized we wanted them to heal more than they wanted to heal themselves. We witnessed their progress wasn’t aligned to others in our practice. Why? Deep down it wasn’t their choice to heal. It was ours. We realized we did not need to fix them. We learned that if they wanted our help, they would ask when the time was right for them. 

This was a hard realization to come to. It is painful to watch the people we care about not care about themselves, but we know deep down that it is not for us to worry.  We are available to help them when they are ready to help themselves. 

Know that there are healers out there that can help you with whatever is going on in your life, but you need to reach out to those individuals who can help you. If those healers are your friends, reach out to them!  Don’t expect them to reach out to you and help you heal. That is not how this works anymore. 

Everyone comes around in their own time to the healing modalities that they need. Sometimes it’s painful to watch your friends suffer, but remember: that is their choice.

If you are a healer, know that you cannot keep pulling people along with you, hoping they will change and heal. That is not how energy works and you will become depleted. For real success and lasting results, there needs to be an energetic agreement between you (the healer) and the individual. 

Regardless if you are a healer or not or if you are ready to really heal your life and be your best you, remember:

Only YOU are responsible for YOUR healing.

We’ve included affiliate links for two of our favorite books on vibrating up and harnessing the energetic power within. As always, we only include books we absolutely love to read. Thank you for supporting us!

Love and Light,

Drs. Elizabeth & Erin