What to Expect After Seeing TLC

So, you’ve had your first with us and we threw a lot of information at you!

Now what?

This blog post contains all the information that we tell our patients after their first with us, but in blog form so that they can have a reference for all of the information they are given.  During their initial examination, a lot of information is given to them — often times it is a lot of information that they haven’t heard before.  We give them this information because we want our patients to be both educated and ask us questions if they don’t understand.

Initial Visit With TLC

If you are a current patient that means you’ve been in for your initial examination and you already know what is causing your field to be small and challenged along with having solutions to help expand your field!  You may have also noticed how much lighter, more centered, more grounded, more balanced you already feel with the possibility of feeling better already!

Most people will notice that a few of their symptoms or chief complaints have improved within a few days of being on their protocol while very few people will state their symptoms got worse.  If you are one of those people who states that you felt worse after your initial visit one of two things occurred.  You either detoxed too quickly and need some extra drainage support (to get the toxins out of your body) or you had a scar become active.   When a scar becomes active it confuses the body and alters the healing process.   If this happens to you please email us at twinlifechiropractic@gmail.com and we will want you to come in sooner rather than later.  


If you think of the skin as a network of nerves this network of nerves changes after a cut or wound happens that results in a scar.  Not all scars become active, but when they do become active this network of nerves sends an inaccurate signal back to the brain due to an aberrant signal coming form the skin where the scar is.  Remember that the brain sends a signal to the skin (where the scar is) via an efferent neuron.  That signal has to return to the brain via an afferent neuron.  This information coming back from the skin to the brain is aberrant (inaccurate) and the body does not get the correct message on how to heal.   Thus, we see an increase in symptoms or new complaints because of these aberrant signals.  

Our patients get sent with a protocol that involves taking supplements or remedies.  This is because in our office we expand and balance the energy field, which is an extension of the nervous system.   We ultimately see if our patient has what he/she needs to make new healthy cells.   Remember that the larger and more balanced your energy field is the less the environment has an affect on you.   We always encourage our patients to do the right thing for their health, and we are here to support them along their journeys. 

Remember that we are not only trying to get the toxins out, but we are also educating you on how to limit your toxins.   While you are getting the toxins out you are essentially rebuilding your body with all the proper nutrients it needs for optimal function! 

As we are rebuilding your new system we want you to keep in mind the turn over rate for our different organ systems.   Our skin cells turn over every 27 days, blood cells turn over every 90-120 days, muscle cells turn over every 1-3 years, bone cells turn over every 2-4 years and our nervous system turns over every 7 years.   As you can see, our nervous system cells turn over very slowly.  So keep this in mind — if we are trying to build a healthy nervous system it can take up to 7 years to regenerate it.  


Taking a protocol is not only worth the effort, but you also don’t know what you are saving yourself from in the future!  

Another important thing to remember is what do all cells need?  All cells need nerve supply, which is where chiropractic care comes into place.   They also need healthy blood supply that is free of toxins, full of proper hydration, oxygen, and proper cellular fuel.  Our soil today is depleted of minerals and filled with chemicals and pesticides.  Remember our soil is petroleum based, so it is not replenished with minerals nor does it have the nutrients that the soil our grandparents got their food from had.  Organic soil is better because we have more nutrients and less chemicals/pesticides, but it is still contaminated because of air quality.  

Something to remember is that we need minerals for many things in our body, but we personally think the most important reason for minerals is to make ATP (the energy for our cells).  If we have mineral deficiencies not only are we not able to give our cells the energy they need, but we also cannot get rid of toxins.  We need minerals to be able to clear out toxins in our body; thus not only do we need to put good nutrition into our bodies, but we also need a way to make sure these toxins are getting out of our system.  One way to get the toxins out that is mentioned above is by making sure we have the proper minerals in our bodies, but also making sure we have proper drainage support.  But before we talk about drainage support we need to know what the toxins are that we are dealing with on a daily basis.   

Some of the biggest toxins we need to address are the energy of immune challenges or as we like to call them critters, toxic food which are known as genetically modified organisms (GMO’s),  chemicals, and heavy metals.  We need a way to get these out of our system in order to have a healthy one.  

The way we get these toxins out is through peeing, pooping, and sweating.  So we are highly conscious of checking in with our patients to make sure they are staying hydrating along with having regular bowel movements.   We will also recommend exercise or the infrared sauna depending on the patient to help them get their sweat on to help eliminate toxins as well.  


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin

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