how learning was meant to BE.

Knowing the importance of healing both the physical and emotional body, we created numerous courses specific to those needs to share our magic and serve a larger audience beyond the four walls of our office.

We’ve curated a collection of e-courses based on the most common things we share with our patients. Everything from deep diving into emotional healing to implementing what we teach others into our daily lives, to dealing with everyday life situations that happen, to sharing all the products we use in our daily lives to live our best life, and so much more!


Level up, Vibrate out

Are you ready to deep dive into emotional healing? Meet Level Up, Vibrate Out, our most extensive and intense online course. Over eight active weeks together, you will create real change in any area of your life with our hands-on support and guidance.



FREEBIES For you, from us with love (& magic)


LUVO: The mini series

Does an eight-week hands-on course feel overwhelming? We get it. That’s why we created the LUVO Mini Series. Here, we share the same rich LUVO content in smaller, bite-size pieces you can complete at your pace, on your time.



Total Alignment

Stop outsmarting Mother Nature and start working with her. During this three-week, self paced course, you’ll have access to everything we use every single day to make our lives rich and totally aligned.



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Want to know more about us?


Dr. Elizabeth is a heart-centered intuitive healer who empowers her patients with knowledge to live their best life. She is a true gift to this world and patients feel lighter immediately upon meeting her. She specializes in healing the emotional body while using her intuitive healing abilities to meet you right where you are on your healing journey.

Read more about Elizabeth here.  

Dr. Erin is a holistic energetic healer who leads by example living a high vibration lifestyle. She believes knowledge is power and the key to implementing successful lifestyle changes; this is what she desires to reveal to you! She radiates love wherever she goes. She is a soul that understands energy healing is the medicine of the future. Being a new mom, she is highly in tune with the needs of others around her. She is an inspiration to us all.

Read more about Erin here.