Phase 3: Level Up, Vibrate Out

Phase 3: Level Up, Vibrate Out


Does our Level Up, Vibrate Out eight week course seem too intense for you in this moment?  Do you have too many commitments within our set eight week period that you aren’t able to fully commit to the course? We get it!

If this sounds like you, we’ve modified Level Up, Vibrate Out into a three phase series! 

The best part of the mini series? It’s tailored to you and your needs. You get start and complete the series at your own pace. Although you have access to all three weeks of Phase 1 right away, we recommend you complete Phase 1 within three consecutive weeks, completing 1 lesson per week. Each phase of the mini series is three weeks (which means a BONUS week of content!).

Heres the deal, you have to do the mini series in consecutive order. But, you don’t have to complete all three phases to reap the benefits of the previous phase. If after series one or two you decide that you don’t want to continue or the time isn’t right, that’s ok! You don’t have to. 

Each phase of the series is purchased and paid for separately and comes with TWO 20 minute calls with us to kick things off and to recap at the end of each phase. You will be able to ask us questions at any time throughout the course!  

So, join us for Phase 3 of our Level Up, Vibrate Out course. Congratulations on making it this far!  During this last phase of the mini series, you will learn how to start living your best life! You will continue utilizing your pendulum while learning how to sway test, eat intuitively, harness your intuition, and create a daily practice to keep you in tune with your energy! 

Are you ready to say ‘goodbye’ to quick fixes in 2019?

You should be.

You have to have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 before purchasing Phase 3.


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