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gratitude & praise

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Drs. Erin and Elizabeth Anderson are excellent examples of what it means to live a holistic healthy life. As one of their best friends, I have respected and admired their continuous dedication to health and wellness and their tremendous care and impact on their patients They have influenced me in many positive way including nutrition, the power of positive thinking, injury treatment and prevention, and commitment to natural organic products. A memorable instance occurred just after a few treatments for plantar fasciitis and a calf muscle adhesion that allowed me to run a marathon just a month afterwards.

When you work with Drs. Erin and Elizabeth, you are working with top-notch caring individuals who have excelled in all facets of their life. They were both winning college athletes and valedictorian and salutatorian of their graduating chiropractic class.

Erin and Elizabeth will take the time to listen to your problems and will be solution oriented to get you the results you want. You can put your trust in knowing that these caring individuals will do whatever it takes to help you take initiative to live a happier healthier life.
— Kerry Grady
Not only as a professional colleague, but also as a recipient of care from Dr. Elizabeth, I knew I was receiving great care from her because of her deep understanding of my condition, her compassion, and clinical excellence. As a colleague I continue to learn from Dr. Elizabeth; she is a doctor in its truest form. She is eager and has a determined drive to expand her knowledge base to deliver better patient care and community education.
— Chase O'Keefe
Drs. Erin and Elizabeth have a wide range of tools to help restore your body to optimum health.  They were able to handle my non-resolving jaw pain when nothing else could.  I will be driving a few hours to see them on a regular basis to receive care from them!
— Alex Hartinger