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How do I tell you two apart? 

We get asked this question a lot!  After a few treatments with us you will start to learn the differences we promise!  A few easy differences are:  

  • Longer name, longer face (Dr. Elizabeth) or shorter name, rounder face (Dr. Erin)

  • Dr. Erin has a deeper voice

  • Dr. Elizabeth always carries her purse on her left shoulder, whereas Dr. Erin carries her on her right

  • Dr. Elizabeth is slightly taller than Dr. Erin

  • Dr. Elizabeth shows more of her gums when she smiles compared to Dr. Erin

  • If you are really desperate look to our hands as Dr. Erin is married!

What is an M-Field and why does it matter

Your energy field is an extension of your nervous system. This technique allows the Doctor to have a quantum conversation with your body to get to the root cause of your chief complaint or symptoms. This technique is unlike any other technique you've experienced.  It utilizes homeopathic supplements, nutritional supplements, and herbal support, so that each patient receives individualized care.  

Your genes are not your fate, your environment is.  Control your environment and you control your genes!

Why does my field size matter? 

The larger and more balanced your field is, the less the environment has an affect on you!  Can you say heck yes?!

You Do Emotional Work—Say What??

We have a lot of tools in our toolbox to help deal with the emotional body and there isn’t one that we use without the other.  We combine all of our emotional tools together to best serve you, the patient.  We use an approach called Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to identify, and help you let go of, ‘stuck’ mind-body stress pattern.  We utilize their home run formula to identify if the issue is a stressor to the body.  

We also utilize our emotional reset kit, chakra pillars, positive emotion pillar, essential oils, and orgonites to help heal the emotional body.  We want you to know that emotions are normal and healthy!  Just like children, emotions heal when they are heard and validated.  

What do you mean by turn on and shut off a muscle? 

We should be able to turn on or shut off a muscle, temporarily.  By being able to do so, we know that you are not in injury pattern.  We can do this via muscle spindle cells or golgi tendon organs.  In our office we use the muscle spindle cells to turn on (autogenic facilitation) or shut off (autogenic inhibition) a muscle.  

Autogenic facilitation is where the muscle spindle cells, which are located in the muscle belly, are activated at the anterior horn motor neuron pool for that muscle causing temporary muscle strength.  (AKA fancy wording for when we spread the muscle fibers in order to turn on a muscle, temporarily.)

Autogenic inhibition is where muscle spindle cell inhibition causes a net inhibition at the anterior motor neuron pool causing temporary muscle relaxation.  (AKA fancy wording for when we pinch the muscle belly to temporarily shut off a muscle.)


We first address injury patterns because corrections of the injuries with IRT reduces cortico &/or cerebellar asymmetry and restores normal muscle spindle control mechanisms necessary for muscular and postural control.  

AKA all that scientific terminology is saying that injuries affect our muscular tone and we won’t get a true read on the tone of your muscles until injuries are cleared.   

We see peoples posture, muscular tone, and range of motion all change after correcting injury patterns which also optimizes neurological response for subsequent therapies.  

Secondly, we utilize your M-Field to tell us what’s going on with your body at a cellular level.


We are both out of network Chiropractors.   We are a cash based business that accepts cash, checks and credit cards with payment that is due at the time of service.   We do take your insurance into account and we will gladly provide you with a superbill if you have out-of-network coverage for potential reimbursement.  

Chiropractors are allowed to accept your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  We recommend that you call your health insurance and see what they will provide as all insurance plans are different.   


Yes!  We utilize both of these in our office.  We try to encourage all of our clients to eat more foods from nature, opt for organic when possible, and look for humanely raised animal products.   With that being said most people have lived a typical Standard American Diet and are missing foundational nutritional needs which will require supplementation.  We have worked with a vast array of supplements, but the three lines we use the most often are Standard Process, Energetix, and NET.


Please contact our office for more information regarding our current fees.  


We see patients from all walks of life.  Our youngest patient has been a two week old baby all the way up to our eldest patient whom is over 90 years old.  We see an array of patients from general wellness to those with major health challenges whom have not had success with other providers.


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