Here's the deal

All of our visits include chiropractic care because we are Chiropractors and your spine needs to be adjusted.   Our operating basis is time based and after your initial examination we will let you know what therapeutic encounter option is best for you and your health.    For pricing call the office.  

Example of Care Options:

Initial Examination—45 minutes to an hour

30 minute Therapeutic Encounter
40 minute Therapeutic Encounter
45 minute Therapeutic Encounter
60 minute Therapeutic Encounter

*Chiropractic falls into the category of the healing arts. We want the words that we use to bring your soul back to health and wellness. We use the terminology therapeutic encounter rather than appointment for this very purpose.  

*If you have more questions about what a Therapeutic Encounter looks like please call the office and we are happy to explain what a typical visit looks like.  

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