Meet Dr. Erin



I am a Chiropractor and holistic healer that believes that the future of healing is energy medicine.  I am married to another Chiropractor who specializes in working with people that have TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries), lingering post concussion symptoms, neurological disorders, vestibular disorders, along with dizziness and migraines.  As you can tell we practice on what I like to say are opposite ends of the spectrum.  


We have a fur-baby named Burrberry who loves coming into the office with us.  Most days he wanders around the clinic looking for treats or is snuggled up on the couch with one of the patients.  He recently got promoted to “Big Brother” to the sweetest little girl we could have asked for — Willow Isabella.  She’s stolen our hearts and there is no sign of return.  Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way 💕

I love all things energy — especially crystals 💫.  I’m pretty sure my husband thought the amount of crystals that I bought for Willow’s nursery was obnoxious — you can never have too many rose quartz in one room especially when her gift is love 💖.  

A few other things that I love are organic green juices, organic smoothies {Mango Turmeric Twist is one of my favorites to make}, almond milk/coconut milk lattes, cooking, spending time in nature while soaking up the sun ☀️, reading books that fuel my soul, and full moons 🌕.  I learned to love full moons even more during my pregnancy — I often spent the few days before and after the full moon wide awake at night and soaked up the magic of my pregnancy.  My daughter is definitely a child of the moon! 

I believe that true healing comes when both the physical and emotional bodies are addressed.   I know from first hand experience the power that emotional work can do to reduce and relieve symptoms that are due to an emotional stressor not being processed by the body.  This is why I love the type of work that I get to do on a daily basis.  Lastly, I believe that opportunities show up exactly as we need them for our most optimal and aligned spiritual growth.  

Love & Light, 

Dr. Erin