Not Your Average Practice

See the light in others & treat them as if that’s all you see.


We focus on the body’s innate ability to heal and we acknowledge the biochemical individuality of each patient.   We address issues with the modern food supply and deficiencies in it.  We also recognize the concerns created by toxins in our environment and then we find a specific nutritional program for the patient.  Since we acknowledge your biochemical individuality you won’t find the same program for another individual (even if you are a twin!).

We teach you how to feed the body at a cellular level. We want to remind you that you did not get sick in just one day so you won’t heal in one day either. This will be a healing journey that we can’t wait to encourage and support you on! 

Not Your Average Practice

We need to feed and nourish our cells with proper blood and nerve supply.  At Twin Life we do this by chiropractic adjustments, whole food nutrition, herbs, and homeopathic supplementation.   If our cells aren’t being fed with organic whole food nutrition how are we going to thrive in this world?

We also utilize a handful of emotional techniques as we believe TRUE HEALTH arises when emotional healing occurs 🙌🏼. We utilize NeuroEmotional Technique along with an Emotional Reset Kit. We have a positive emotional pillar that pairs with essential oils to really hone in on expressing positive emotions easier. We love utilizing this pillar after clearing out strong or powerful emotions with NET. Furthermore, we have a charka pillar that lets us know if any of your 7 chakras are out of balance and we get to dive deeper into the reasoning behind the chakra showing up. We also have orgonites that are colorful and contain crystals that help balance out the chakra systems.

Set up some time with us to ensure your physical and emotional bodies are healthy and thriving!

Drs. Erin & Elizabeth 

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