4 years of living an aligned and connected life 💥


TLC turns 4 today!

We can't believe that it has been four years since we first opened up our own chiropractic practice! 💫✨ Our practice is nothing like we imagined it to be, it's SO MUCH better!

We get to witness healing happen EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Our patients understand that if they can control the environment they can control their energy field.  They know that a BIG and BALANCED energy field means they are on their way towards health and healing. 

  • They know how to deal with pain naturally and without medication

  • They are mindful of their thoughts and know that their emotions have a huge role on their health. 

  • They know that they should be buying organic foods whenever possible. 

  • They know about toxins and how to limit or avoid them. 

    • We created an online e-course for those who need some help in knowing where to start called TOTAL ALIGNMENT

  • They know the power behind essential oils, homeopathy, herbs, and whole food nutrition. 

  • They are EMPOWERED and extremely knowledgable. 

  • They are helping change this world and make it a better place.

If you are one of our patients we LOVE 💗 you and we are so thankful for you! 

We are so honored that you have chosen us to be your practitioners and we love watching miracles happen everyday.

If you aren’t one of our patients and would love to work with us, click the button below! You do not need to be local in order to work with us. We have also created our signature 8 week course called Level Up, Vibrate Out which helps individuals deep dive into what’s keeping them stuck and not living their best life. If you are ready to be your best self this course is for you!

Our family grew this year too - we welcomed BABY WILLOW to our lives.

Our family grew this year too - we welcomed BABY WILLOW to our lives.

“Happy Vertebrae to Twin Life Chiropractic”


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin

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