Our Magic

We are two people powerfully moving as individuals and there is magic in everything we create.

The key to to total wellness is addressing the emotional body 💥

The key to to total wellness is addressing the emotional body 💥

We are not your average CHIROPRACTIC practice! We are a TOTAL WELLNESS clinic that utilizes your M-Field to figure out what’s going on at a cellular level. We are also firm believers that the key to TRUE WELLNESS is both in dealing with and processing your EMOTIONS. In our office we incorporate a variety of techniques for emotional assistance.

NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) is one technique that we utilize daily in our office. We also use an emotional reset kit (ERT) and a positive emotion pillar that pairs with essential oils to really hone in on expressing positive emotions easier.  

Along with utilizing essential oils we also use homeopathy, crystals, and orgonities to help with emotional clearing and assistance as needed.

We educate on the chakra systems and how one can keep their chakras open to experience optimal emotional wellbeing.

In knowing that we needed to reach a large audience with emotional healing we created an 8 week online program called Level Up, Vibrate Out which helps you create real change in any area of your life. We help you work through not only emotions, but also any limiting beliefs that you have about yourself throughout the 8 weeks together. We are able to virtually hold your hand while you work on becoming the best version of yourself!

Dr. Erin’s Magic includes: 

  • A mother’s intuition

  • Working with children

  • Clearing you out of injury pattern

  • Teaching her patients that they can reach their true potential by:

    • Acknowledging both the physical and emotional bodies

  • Helping to build a supportive community for women

Dr. Elizabeth’s Magic includes: 

  • Meeting you exactly where you are

  • Using her intuition

  • Emotional Healing

  • Chakra Work

  • Anything heart related

  • Clearing you out of injury pattern

We empower and inspire others to live a more conscious life where they take complete responsibility for their lives. We empower you to tune into your field and take control of your energetic state!

emotional healing

“You are way to divine to be living life on the sidelines”


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin

We’ve included a few Affiliate Links of books we personally LOVE that can help you dive into understanding your emotional body! Thank you for supporting us!