Energetic Beings Having a Human Experience

We trust our soul’s intelligence.

Growing up we saw a chiropractor regularly because innately we knew we felt better after getting adjusted.   We didn’t understand the reason why we felt better, but we always asked our parents to take us to the chiropractor when we felt “off” and before a big sporting event. 

Now that we are chiropractors, we understand that when one gets adjusted one is removing the subluxation which is causing the interference within the nervous system.   This means that the message from the brain to the body can flow freely.  We also recognize the importance of limiting toxins and watching our thoughts because these too can cause subluxations in the body.   This would be known as the three T’s that cause subluxations in the body - thoughts, toxins, and trauma (whether that be micro trauma or macro trauma).  

Think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration

Nicola Tesla says

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

We get to do this every day in practice!  We utilize Morphogenic Field Technique.  We read and measure your energy field, which is an extension of your nervous system.  We say that’s a win win as chiropractors!   With this technique we are able to find out at a cellular level what is blocking you from healing.  We deal with energy every day.

By measuring your energy field we are also able to tell whether an item is good for you or if it should be avoided.  If it’s good for you it’ll enhance your energy field whereas if it’s something that should be avoided it’ll shrink you energy field.  The body is insanely smart and you can’t lie to it.  We are able to measure everything that we do as humans whether that be the food you eat, the beauty products you put on topically, the flowers you like, essential oils you diffuse, or anything else you can think of.  It is either helping balance and expand your energy field or it’s shrinking it.  We always say stick to Mother Nature, she knows best.   If it was man made you will want to see what it does to you energy field. 

We say that when we get our spines adjusted we remove the interference in the nervous system aka our power house and this links us to the cosmos. 

We also believe that the larger your energy field is the more connected you are to the cosmos.  So, when your power house is free from obstruction and your energy field is large and balanced anything is possible! Remember that when you have a large an balanced energy field you are on your way to expressing optimal health. 

How is your energy field?  Have you had it tested lately? 

What’s blocking you from living your best life?  


Drs. Elizabeth & Erin

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